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Currently, WordPress is one of the most popular technologies for creating websites. This CMS enjoys great demand among those who require easy system management web - resource. WordPress is free and is free for distribution.

CMS WordPress is installed on millions of blogs and it is not surprising - almost limitless possibilities for change in design, impeccable arrangements increase the potential of a blog, an enormous amount of reference material on the system have made WordPress a byword. Install, configure, and use of this CMS are described in detail so that the deal will be able to even those who did not have experience in the network.

By the technological advantages of WordPress are easy import and export of various file formats, record user-friendly editor, where you can format text, add images, to provide the necessary elements of the text, in addition, there are specific functions, such as the inclusion \ disable visibility search engine that makes WordPress very convenient tool for search engine optimization.


CMS Drupal are among the most reliable systems of today, this is one of the popular free content management systems. Drupal is ideal in situations where you want to place material in a hierarchical order. With this CMS you can create blogs, online shopping, information database for storing documents and more. Feature of Drupal is that it is based on a modular structure. For lack of a functional module is ready to be found on the official website of the system, or create the desired module itself. Linked to this is another feature of the CMS Drupal - a man without a prior knowledge web - programming is unlikely to be able to use the powerful functionality of the system.

However, going to the official website of the developers of the system, you can immediately see that there are modules that can help you meet virtually any requirements of the site. Therefore, if there is a small reading skills in English and a desire to at least some documentation, then you can create using Drupal websites of any complexity and with any functionality.


CMS Joomla gode appeared in 2005 and today has achieved cult status - according to Wikipedia in March 2007 to February 2011, this engine has been downloaded 21 million times. The vast majority of sites in the network is functioning at the present time it is on this CMS. This system allows you to create a website of any complexity - the main criterion for this will be only one - the professionalism of the developer. Joomla is ideal for serious purposes, and for simple solutions. The developers of active attention to multilingual orientation distribution of the product and thus the engine is described in all major languages. There are many templates to suit almost any site, and fans of unique design can create your own. As a result of this approach - a huge number of websites that are created in Joomla.


CMS SantaFox, as well as all of the above, will allow you to control the content of your site without resorting to this to the technician and not possessing special knowledge. SantaFox feature is the presence of a full Russian user and developer documentation, which is not often found in free systems, and on the Russian forum of support system you can get answers to their questions. Built-in editor pages SantaFox visually similar to the familiar Microsoft Word, which also facilitates the development of this CMS. CMS developers set out to create and implement a convenient tool for the development and maintenance of corporate website, and it is perfectly possible.


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